Communication – The key to working successfully with a freelance paralegal (or anyone for that matter)

If you think about it, what’s the underlying cause of most disputes?  What’s a leading cause of failed relationships, both business and personal? Ineffective communication.  Period. Case-in-point: How many of us have had an argument or disagreement with a significant other where, when you reconcile your differences, you each realize that the other misunderstood what you were trying to say or did not have the same key information you did to be able to draw the same conclusion? Why can mediation, arbitration, and collaborative law be so effective?  Because they bring in neutral third parties, who are not blinded by emotion, to 1) extract all that has not been communicated before, 2) help minimize emotions, and 3) present the information in a way that the receiving party understands.  Even with individuals who communicate information well, when the receiver is communicating at a different level or from a different perception, misunderstandings … Continue reading

Interests and Preferences – What Are They?

My goal in starting a blog for attorneys was to address the questions attorneys regularly ask, such as: What does a paralegal do; How can I benefit from working with a paralegal; How can a freelance paralegal benefit me; and How do I go about working with a freelance paralegal? Of course, this multitude of topics puts me in a quandary each time I sit down to write, as there is so much information I want to share that I often spend significant time simply trying to decide which topic is most imperative.  So here’s my question to you: As an attorney looking for new solutions, what information are you most interested in? My other goal was to be informal and brief, so as to make information quickly ascertainable without too much time spent reading exceptionally long articles.  Knowing how limited attorneys are with their time, and aware of my … Continue reading

What Are Your Real Values?

It’s so easy to get caught up in life, in work, in everything we think we “have” to do or get done. We live in the fast lane nowadays and every year seems to go by a little (okay, a lot) faster. (Has anyone else noticed it’s May already?) How can 2011 be almost half over? If you asked an elderly person for the best advice they could give, it would probably be along the lines of, “Life goes by too fast. Take the time now to enjoy what truly matters in life, while you can.” And us, in our busy, get-to-work lives consider this advice with half-interest, already thinking about the next petition, the next agreement, the next trial.  Depending on your area(s) of practice, working in the legal field can be living in the fast lane. And, someday, we’ll realize how true and how good the advice was … Continue reading