Implementation, communication, and delivery of paralegal support services

If you’re familiar with Paralegal Support 101, you know that I keep it separate from my business, Integrative Legal Support.  I do so because I want Paralegal Support 101 to serve strictly as a free knowledgebase for attorneys, law firms, and legal departments. Today, I’m going to change that up some, but for good reason.  Here’s why:  I recently found some information that I shared with a group a couple of years ago.  Basically they had asked, “Can you explain in detail how it works when you work with a freelance paralegal or paralegal service?”  As I read through the information I had provided, I realized that every law firm and attorney who calls about services asks some variant of the same question.  They want to know, in detail, how we’ll work with them. So, I thought this more detailed explanation might benefit many attorneys, law firms, and legal departments … Continue reading