Finding an A-Player Paralegal

The last substantive article we published focused on maximizing paralegal support.  It was written on the pretense that you already have, or are getting ready to start using, a paralegal.  But what if you do not yet have a paralegal and are concerned about finding good paralegal support? Well, I may have found the answer.  While attending an amazing business seminar by Mike Michalowicz and Donna Leyens, I was thrilled to find that the discussion included the topic of finding great employees – something I struggled with myself as my own business began to grow.  After a few conversations with attorneys who were having difficulty finding good support, I decided to share my newfound wisdom so that others may hopefully benefit, as well. One housekeeping note about this series: Paralegal Support 101 provides attorneys with information about both the paralegal profession and paralegal support services.  To provide complete information, you’ll … Continue reading