Finding an A-Player Paralegal, Part II

The true cost of lower-level support The introduction to this series identified the challenge in finding good support, and briefly considered how we’ve traditionally looked for support.  Those traditional methods can be costly when they don’t work.  During the business seminar I attended, Mike shared a wealth of statistics and information on employee engagement, and the cost of hiring less-than engaged and capable support. According to those statistics, only 29% of employees are engaged in their work.  That’s a scary thought that leads to an even bigger problem: The 70+ percent of employees who are not engaged do not do a good job, are dissatisfied with their employment, and create a less-than-appealing work atmosphere.  In contrast, employees who are engaged enjoy their job and are good at what they do. Our first goal, then, is to find, retain, and keep one of the 29% who are motivated.  If you’re looking … Continue reading