Auld Lang Syne

Here we are, once again.  Reconciling where we’ve been as we pave the path that lies ahead, held together by that which means the most to us. Before I get all gushy and philosophical, I must first apologize for the delay in posting.  As I wrote my next article, it morphed into a larger-than-anticipated topic.  To conform with Paralegal Support 101’s mission to provide short, quick read articles, the topic necessarily turned into a mini-series, no part of which was wholly complete without the others.  That series is forthcoming. The articles are just another example of time gone by.  Time seems to go by faster every year. And, every year seems to bring more goals and plans that we struggle to achieve.  Before we know it (and before we recover from the holidays), we’ll be commenting on how hard it is to believe that January is over.  Then it will … Continue reading