Find an A-Player Paralegal, Part IV

The job description The articles in this series build on each other, and the last article was no exception.  If you missed Part III, take a minute to read it now before reading this fourth article.  Don’t worry, we’ll still be here when you get done. At this point in the series, you should 1) know what you need help with, and 2) have a list of related tasks and 3) relative traits and qualities. If you’re looking to hire an employee, it’s time to turn that information into a job description.   If you’re going to retain a freelance paralegal or paralegal support service, you need to develop it into a bullet list, summary, or other form of information that you can refer to as you discuss your needs and goals with prospective services. Don’t hold back as you’re organizing and drafting the description or summary.  Rather than sugar-coat the … Continue reading