Find an A-Player Paralegal, Part V

Pattern interviews So far you’re off to a great start in finding an A-player paralegal.  You’ve identified needs, tasks, qualities, and traits that will fit with your practice, and have started narrowing down higher-level paralegal support by painting a brutally honest picture of the job at hand. If you’re hiring an employee, the next step is the interview.  This, too, differs from the traditional interviews that we’ve held.  It’s also where all those traits and natural abilities come into play.  For me, it’s also the most challenging. In your interview (or during your discussions if you’re talking with a paralegal support service), search for the traits and qualities you identified earlier.  It’s not hard to pick up on qualities and traits during a conversation, especially once you’re consciously aware of them. In addition – and this is the key – look for patterns in behavior.  Ask about experiences that have … Continue reading