To Do Lists? Get Real!

Guest post by Vicki Voisin, ACP Would you like to be organized? Of course you would! Unfortunately there is no magic pill, no easy way to accomplish that. Instead, getting organized requires a plan with work that never ends. The basic plan is your To Do List. These tips will help you get your To Do List under control and working for you: Where do you start? Clear your head! Take a few minutes to write down everything you have to do. Delete anything that does not fit into your life or is unnecessary. Divide the list into things you “have to do” and “want to do”. From your “have to do” list, make a priority list of just 3-7 things. Tackle your priority list each day. At the end of the day, cross off the things you completed Start all over again the next day with 3-7 priority tasks. … Continue reading

Reducing Overwhelm

All of us experience overwhelm at one point or another; some of us more regularly than others.  Are you running your practice or is it running you? What’s the cause of your overwhelm?  Is your practice growing?  Do you have an exceptionally large case to handle in addition to your regular matters?  Has someone else’s cases been delegated to you as a result of a departure?  Do you consistently have numerous cases or legal matters on your plate? While all these situations can cause overwhelm, they may not be the cause of your overwhelm; at least in whole.  Consider your own unique situation for a moment.  Is it similar to one of the above or is there something else?  How organized are you?  How efficiently and effectively do you work?  Are your office processes streamlined?  What about work-flow processes or your own systems for plowing through emails and the piles … Continue reading