How to Supervise a Legal Secretary or Paralegal

A couple weeks ago, Above the Law published an excellent article by New York attorney Joshua Stein. Mr. Stein’s article, From the Career Files: How to Supervise a Secretary or Assistant, is an excellent article well worth mentioning with 21 detailed tips and advice for effectively working with any type of assistant. The article is well-rounded, covering everything from communication to personal stuff. If you work with anyone, or are thinking about doing so, the article is worth taking the time to read. Even if you don’t, you may want to file it away for future reference. When you’re done reading it, come back and let us know what you think. What other tips or advice do you have for effective supervising?

Check it out!

Paralegal Support 101 is back!  It’s been a while, yes, but we’ve been here the whole time – busy working behind the scenes, making lots of changes and implementing new ideas to make Paralegal Support 101 a more user-friendly (aka attorney-friendly) resource for finding information on paralegals, the paralegal profession, and paralegal support services. The bulk of the work is done – we have just a few articles to finish recategorizing – so come experience the new look and feel of and let me know what you think.  What do you like?  What don’t you like?  What else would you like to see? Remember, Paralegal Support 101 is for all attorneys – from the solo practitioner to the general counsel – so be sure to tell us about topics specific to your practice that you’d like to read about, too. The redesign and reorganization undertaken to address the growth … Continue reading

9 Ways You [and Your Clients] Benefit from Paralegal Support


Whether you’re thinking about hiring a paralegal or retaining paralegal support services for the first time, you’ll benefit both personally and professionally from the support – as will your clients.  Here are just a few of those benefits. 1.    More Time.  Having a paralegal on your team, whether regular or on-call, gives you more time to work on other tasks that demand your attention.  In turn, you maximize the time you invest in your practice and your clients’ legal matters. 2.    Reduced stress.  Delegating substantive legal work to your paralegal means you have fewer items on your “to-do” list and more time for other matters, which reduces overwhelm and, by extension, a significant amount of stress. 3.    Support.  Whether you’re a solo or a corporate attorney, you benefit from working with a paralegal – from having someone to discuss and think through the case with you to having someone performing … Continue reading

Reducing Overwhelm

All of us experience overwhelm at one point or another; some of us more regularly than others.  Are you running your practice or is it running you? What’s the cause of your overwhelm?  Is your practice growing?  Do you have an exceptionally large case to handle in addition to your regular matters?  Has someone else’s cases been delegated to you as a result of a departure?  Do you consistently have numerous cases or legal matters on your plate? While all these situations can cause overwhelm, they may not be the cause of your overwhelm; at least in whole.  Consider your own unique situation for a moment.  Is it similar to one of the above or is there something else?  How organized are you?  How efficiently and effectively do you work?  Are your office processes streamlined?  What about work-flow processes or your own systems for plowing through emails and the piles … Continue reading

5 Ways to Increase Paralegal Support

Do you need more time or support, but aren’t sure how to get it or what you could delegate?  Don’t worry; you’re not alone.  In fact, from talking with attorneys, I’d say you’re in the majority.  The good news is, it is possible to be in the minority.   To get you moving in that direction, here are 5 quick tips for increasing your support and freeing up your time: Think about the work you least like to do.  What tasks do you dread?  Are they tasks your paralegal or legal assistant can perform for you?  Most likely.  Make these the first tasks you delegate. What about the tasks that take you away from what you really need to do?  Do you find you’re regularly doing one thing when you need to be doing something else?  Those types of tasks should be at the top of your delegate list, too. … Continue reading

Paralegal Support: An Index of Information

Want a quick way to know what’s available to you on this site?  Here’s a categorized list of topics that may be of interest.  The list isn’t all-inclusive; it only covers the heart of the matter – the substance of the information for which the site was designed to provide.  It doesn’t include motivational asides or polls for information. The paralegal profession The Paralegal Profession: A Brief History for Attorneys The Paralegal Profession: [Almost] everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask Paralegal support Paralegal Do’s and Don’ts: What can (and can’t) a paralegal do for you What? You don’t have a license to practice as a paralegal? Ethics Focus: Signing Documents and Pleadings How Paralegals Increase Value So What Can A Paralegal Do For You? Freelance paralegal support services Nontraditional support Is Going “Virtual” the Future of Law? You’re a what? Freelance Paralegals Defined Thanks, But We’re … Continue reading