Welcome to Paralegal Support 101, a free knowledge base for attorneys and law firms on paralegal support services.

This knowledge base was created to provide information and insight into an oftentimes confusing and, thus, misunderstood concept: paralegal support services. By extension, it also provides insight into the paralegal profession and the abilities of paralegals, in general. Please visit our Welcome page for more information on the purpose for developing Paralegal Support 101. Enjoy!

  • The Paralegal Profession

  1. A brief history for attorneys
  2. [Almost] everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask
  • Paralegal Services

  1. What’s in a name?
  2. Evolution of legal support services
  3. Benefits of paralegal support services for solo practitioners and small firms
  4. Paralegal support for law firms
  5. Support solutions for budget-constrained corporate legal departments
  6. Contract paralegals help agencies alleviate unprecedented caseloads
  7. Supervising virtual paralegals
  • Paralegal Services: Benefits

  1. Why would I need a freelance paralegal?
  2. Are there benefits to working with a freelance paralegal?
  3. Time is on your side
  4. A cost-free way to lower clients’ legal fees
  5. 4 ways paralegals increase client satisfaction
  6. Do your clients recommend you?
  • Paralegal Services: Getting Started

  1. Finding a freelance paralegal that’s right for you
  2. When working with a freelance paralegal raises concerns
  3. Communication – the key to working successfully with a freelance paralegal (or anyone for that matter)
  4. Getting the support you need; it’s easy!
  5. Don’t wait ‘till it’s too late
  6. Paralegal Support 101 – demystifying freelance paralegals and paralegal support services for attorneys
  7. Paralegal support services: 5 tips for getting started
  8. Clarify your needs to receive invaluable support
  9. Need Help? Now what?
  10. Five questions to ask a freelance paralegal or paralegal support service
  11. Implementation, communication, and delivery of paralegal support services
  12. Will your paralegal service use your practice management software?
  • Paralegal Services: Non-Traditional Support

  1. You’re a what? Freelance paralegals defined
  2. Thanks, but we’re not hiring . . . Freelance legal professionals
  3. Is going “virtual” the future of law?
  4. What to expect when you retain paralegal support services or a freelance paralegal
  5. Working with a freelance paralegal or paralegal support service versus employee: what’s different?
  6. What a 10 minute cab ride taught me about confidentiality and security
  • Paralegal Support

  1. Paralegal do’s and don’ts: what can (and can’t) a paralegal do for you
  2. What? You don’t have a license to practice as a paralegal?
  3. Ethics focus: signing documents and pleadings
  4. How paralegals increase value
  5. So what can a paralegal do for you?
  6. 4 ways paralegals increase client satisfaction
  7. Do your clients recommend you?
  8. How to find the right support
  9. 5 ways to Increase paralegal support
  10. 9 ways you [and your clients] benefit from paralegal support
  11. The cost benefit of shifting work to paralegals
  12. How to supervise a legal secretary or paralegal
  13. How to maximize paralegal support
  • Practice Tips

  1. Reducing overwhelm
  2. To do lists? get real!
  3. How to supervise a legal secretary or paralegal
  4. Paralegal support services as referral sources
  5. Are you pricing for success (or failure)?
  6. Do you have a paralegal billing rate?
  7. Virtual support: an attorney’s perspective
  8. How to maximize paralegal support
  9. Finding an A-player paralegal
  10. Finding an A-player paralegal, Part II
  11. Find an A-player paralegal, Part III
  12. Find an A-player paralegal, Part IV
  13. Find an A-player paralegal, Part V
  14. Find an A-player paralegal, Part VI
  • Asides

  1. Happy new year!
  2. Did you know . . .
  3. What are your real values?
  4. Interests and preferences – what are they?
  5. Paralegal support: an index of information
  6. The year in review: a compendium of favorites
  7. What’s in your planner?
  8. Check it out!
  9. Forget goals!
  10. Virtual support: An attorney’s perspective
  11. Auld lang syne

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