Paralegal Support 101:  The purpose

The purpose of Paralegal Support 101 is to provide information and insight into an oftentimes confusing and, thus, misunderstood concept:  paralegal services.  It’s also to provide insight into the paralegal profession and the abilities of paralegals.

As such, this site is for attorneys who want to learn more about paralegal support.  For attorneys interested in knowing what paralegals can do and how they can help them in their practice.  For attorneys, firms, corporations, and agencies that know they need help but don’t know how to get the support they need (without raising their costs).  For attorneys, firms, corporations, and agencies that need to minimize their overhead.  For attorneys who want to lower their clients’ legal fees.  For attorneys who need more time to grow their practice and develop client relations.

Paralegal Support 101:  Why?

From talking with attorneys about paralegal services, I found many attorneys didn’t really even know what paralegals do.  Similarly, many who had an idea didn’t realize the full potential of what paralegals could do for them. They don’t teach you this stuff in law school, just like you’re not taught how to run a law practice.  And so, you learn the hard way, or struggle doing it all yourself.  That’s why I decided to start this knowledge base — to give you a resource you can turn to and provide a place where you can get answers to your questions.

Paralegal Support 101:  What to expect

The goal is to provide quick, easy to read, relevant information on the paralegal profession and support options for attorneys.  In doing so, I hope to get away from the formal, dryer writing of law and provide a lighter, warmer environment for enjoyable reading.  Through this site, you’ll find information on how to

  • effectively utilize paralegals in your office or practice;
  • free-up a substantial amount of time for more pressing matters; and
  • still get the support you need when hiring isn’t a viable solution.

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