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About this knowledge base

While people, in general, are familiar with the concept of utilizing independent contractors, working with a freelance paralegal or attorney can be an obscure and confusing concept for many.  As a paralegal service provider, I spend a significant amount of time:

  • letting attorneys know that neither they nor their existing support staff need be overwhelmed (even if they are not in a position to hire);
  • explaining the benefits of paralegal support and paralegal services;
  • explaining the process of obtaining paralegal services;
  • explaining how to utilize a freelance paralegal to achieve their goals; and
  • addressing the many misconceptions and concerns that generally arise.

In talking with attorneys, I have found that paralegal work, in general, is not widely understood and that the value paralegals bring to the table is significantly underestimated.

And so the basis of this knowledge base was formed.  Through Paralegal Support 101, I hope to provide essential information to attorneys, law firms, corporations, and agencies on the utilization of paralegals and the options available when they are overwhelmed while addressing the many questions and concerns that arise when considering whether to seek paralegal services.  As such, if you ever have any questions about the utilization of paralegals, the benefits of working with a freelance paralegal, the process in general, or any other relative topic, please let me know; I’ll be happy to address them for you!

I know attorneys have little time for reading at leisure, so I intend to present brief, easy-to-read articles that won’t take away from your time.  In reality, though, some posts may be longer than I would like as I tend to be thorough (and thus long-winded) in my writing.  I apologize now for such posts as I already know they will exist.  For topics I cannot effectively narrow into a brief article, I may simply break them down into parts.

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