Look What We Found!

We are always on the lookout for interesting and helpful legal information. Normally, we look for information about a particular area of law. But, in going through a list of abandoned domains, we found this one, about paralegal support. Now, it looks like this website was previously dedicated to providing paralegals to law firms as a service. To us it was very interesting that a lot of the old content was not about trying to sell the service, but more what paralegals actually do, and the ways that they help.

Sometimes you see that as a sales method, educating the potential customer on all the ways that the service you are providing can deliver what you need. In this case, we thought it a great resource on simply what paralegals do. Moreover, it appears that a lot of this information is evergreen. Faced with all these goodies, what could we do but look past the inevitable previous spamming of this domain, and see what we could do to return it to its former glory.

We expect to have the website recovered soon. Once we have that done. We will also explore what additional information would be relevant and useful. Maybe we might even expand the scope to show how paralegals have changed in how they provide services, virtual services anyone? lastly, I think we could provide examples on how paralegals are used by law firms with specific case studies. See you here soon.

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