Getting the Support You Need; It’s Easy!

Have you thought about retaining the services of a freelance paralegal or attorney but stopped short because you’re just not sure how in the world it works?

If you have, or are getting to that point, you’re in good company.  When considering freelance legal services, it’s one of the top questions attorneys have.  It’s also a question I, as do other legal freelancers, address regularly when talking about support options for attorneys and law firms.

During the past year I have had the opportunity to work regularly with one of the visionaries for legal freelance networking, Melody Kramer – owner of Kramer Law Office, founder of FreelanceLaw, co-founder of the National Association of Freelance Legal Professionals (NAFLP), and freelance attorney – through the NAFLP and together in the freelancer’s quest to educate attorneys and law firms about freelance legal professionals and alternative solutions to receiving support and reducing clients’ legal fees.

Earlier this year, Ms. Kramer and I collaborated on a project for FreelanceLaw.  A project that explains how to retain freelance legal services and shows attorneys how easy it is to get support.  I was going to explain the process again here but realized while preparing to do so that watching a video is so much easier and more interesting than reading a long article.

If you’re an attorney already familiar with the website, you may have seen the tutorial.  If not, check out FreelanceLaw and watch the tutorial for law firms.  You’ll find the answer and the solution to one of the most common questions attorneys have about freelance legal services all in one place.  (And, no, I don’t get anything for saying that, but why reinvent the wheel here when we’ve already created it there?)

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