Interests and Preferences – What Are They?

My goal in starting a blog for attorneys was to address the questions attorneys regularly ask, such as:

  • What does a paralegal do;
  • How can I benefit from working with a paralegal;
  • How can a freelance paralegal benefit me; and
  • How do I go about working with a freelance paralegal?

Of course, this multitude of topics puts me in a quandary each time I sit down to write, as there is so much information I want to share that I often spend significant time simply trying to decide which topic is most imperative.  So here’s my question to you: As an attorney looking for new solutions, what information are you most interested in?

My other goal was to be informal and brief, so as to make information quickly ascertainable without too much time spent reading exceptionally long articles.  Knowing how limited attorneys are with their time, and aware of my own preference for quick, easy to read articles in the face of a dozen tasks laid out before me each day, I knew short articles would be better received.  I also knew I was challenging myself, after years of training to be long-winded and thorough, to deliver my goal and, indeed, I have been.  But I’m challenging myself to move to the next level of brevity; it may take baby-steps, but I’ll get there.  Which leads me to my next question, an informal poll of sorts: What types of articles/article format do you most enjoy reading?  I’m curious to know.

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