What Are Your Real Values?

It’s so easy to get caught up in life, in work, in everything we think we “have” to do or get done.

We live in the fast lane nowadays and every year seems to go by a little (okay, a lot) faster. (Has anyone else noticed it’s May already?) How can 2011 be almost half over?

If you asked an elderly person for the best advice they could give, it would probably be along the lines of, “Life goes by too fast. Take the time now to enjoy what truly matters in life, while you can.”

And us, in our busy, get-to-work lives consider this advice with half-interest, already thinking about the next petition, the next agreement, the next trial.  Depending on your area(s) of practice, working in the legal field can be living in the fast lane.

And, someday, we’ll realize how true and how good the advice was and repeat it to someone younger, knowing they, too, will likely consider it in passing.

But what if we had the chance to do it again? Now. Without losing that once-in-a-lifetime opportunity? Last week, I saw the following TEDTalks video, recently posted on Ted.com, which shares the experience of one such person, Ric Elias, who had that opportunity and is taking it to heart.

I need this reminder once in a while. What about you?

So, what do you truly value?

What will you change in your life, in your work, so you have the time to value that which truly matters?  So you can be the next person to share the wisdom?  To share it not as the person who regrets getting caught up in the fast lane and losing the opportunity of a lifetime but as the person who lived and valued all there is to value?

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