Why Would I Need a Freelance Paralegal?

The question of why an attorney would need support has come up in the past.  And if you’re fortunate enough to

  1. always have a manageable caseload that never increases,
  2. never have competing deadlines,
  3. never worry about reducing overhead, cutting costs, or increasing your client base, and
  4. have paralegal(s) who are similarly not overworked,

then the question is certainly a viable one.

However, few of us live in a perfect world and all of us could use a little help at one time or other.  I know I could.  The post, “You’re a what?  Freelance Paralegals Defined” mentioned that a freelance paralegal can help you with your caseload when hiring isn’t an option as well as when delegating just one task would help immensely.  These aren’t the only times a freelance paralegal provides support; attorneys utilize freelance paralegals for a wide range of reasons.  What are those reasons?

When a freelance paralegal can benefit you

While it would be virtually impossible to list all of the circumstances where freelance paralegal services provide a cost-effective solution, I’ve listed several below.  Some of these situations may sound familiar to you.

Freelance paralegal services can be a quick and cost-effective solution when:

  • you’re overwhelmed
  • you’re working more than 40 hours a week
  • personal matters arise that require more of your time
  • your firm, corporation, or agency has a limited budget
  • your firm, corporation, or agency has implemented budget cuts
  • your firm, corporation, or agency has downsized leaving you with an unprecedented caseload to manage
  • your firm, corporation, or agency has initiated a hiring freeze leaving you with an unprecedented and ever increasing caseload
  • you’re a solo practitioner or small firm trying to grow your practice
  • you’re a solo practitioner or small firm trying to keep your practice above water
  • you begin to think about reducing your hourly rate to stay afloat
  • you think about or begin to cut costs and overhead to keep your practice above water
  • you want to grow your practice and increase your client base but don’t have enough time to focus on developing client relations
  • your practice has grown enough that there’s too much to do but not quite enough to hire a regular employee
  • you’ve had a sudden influx of new matters
  • you have competing deadlines
  • you have just one task you need help with to get everything accomplished for the day
  • you want to keep overhead at a minimum
  • you want to enhance the services you offer to clients
  • you want to reduce your clients’ legal fees
  • you don’t want the responsibility, expense, or liability of hiring and training an employee
  • your paralegal is overwhelmed with his or her caseload
  • your paralegal has competing priorities
  • your paralegal has competing deadlines
  • your paralegal is at a trial or deposition with one of the other attorneys
  • your paralegal is sick
  • your paralegal is on extended leave
  • your paralegal is on vacation

There are so many times when we need a little extra help and just don’t realize it, or just don’t realize there is a way to get help quickly and easily.  Freelance paralegals provide on-call, as-needed support so you receive the support you need when you need it without obligation.  Freelance paralegal services can be utilized under a number of circumstances: one-time, occasionally, part-time, or full-time.  For one task.  One case.  One project.  One type of matter.  Everything.  You determine how much or how little support you need.


I know how obscure the whole concept of freelance paralegal services can be.  If you know you need support or think you might benefit from paralegal services but are unsure of how you might utilize a freelance paralegal or go about finding one for your practice, let me know.  I routinely provide free consultations to attorneys who are looking to learn about paralegal services and wondering how to utilize a freelance paralegal.  So feel free to call; I’m happy to answer your questions.  You’ll be glad you did.

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