What to Expect When You Retain Paralegal Support Services or a Freelance Paralegal

So you’re interested in retaining a freelance paralegal or paralegal support services but just don’t know what to expect.  Really, it depends on your business model.

If you already work remotely, work with remote clients, or outsource various aspects of your practice – such as bookkeeping – to other service professionals, you won’t find much difference (if any) in working with a freelance paralegal.  Paralegal support services will nicely compliment your existing business model.  Even if your current setup isn’t designed for remote case collaboration or securely sharing confidential information, the freelance paralegal you choose will (okay, should) have that system already in place.  It’s a key question to ask every service provider you talk with.

If your business model takes the more traditional approach, then retaining a freelance paralegal for paralegal support services can best be analogized with the retention of an accountant or outside counsel: You retain them to do a specific task or type of job for you, you provide the necessary information, and then relax (okay, you instead run quickly to tackle the next urgent matter on your to-do list) while you wait for the work product to be completed and delivered.

Don’t get me wrong, though.  While you needn’t worry about the job while it’s in the hands of your favorite freelance paralegal or paralegal support service, it doesn’t mean you lose oversight.  It’s still a collaboration, communication is still the key to success and, as the attorney, you still have the final say and control over the work product.

Regardless of your business model, your freelance paralegal should work closely with you to identify and develop the best type of support for your needs and your practice.

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