Working With a Freelance Paralegal or Paralegal Support Service Versus Employee: What’s Different?

If you’re wondering what to expect when you retain paralegal support services, you may also wonder what will be different.  Again, it depends on your business model.

If you already delegate work to other professionals, you won’t notice much difference.  And, if your freelance paralegal will utilize your existing system, be it via remote or cloud access, you’re really not going to notice any difference in your typical work day, other than the fact that you now have more support.

But how will retaining and working with a freelance paralegal be different if you’re used to having employees?  If you’re coming from a traditional business model, these are probably the most significant differences that might be noticed:

  • Not physically seeing someone in the office when you’re used to having someone around;
  • Realizing you still have support even when you can’t see that person (i.e., no more hollering out your door when you need something but, rather, picking up the phone or Skype, sending an email or instant message, or scheduling a meeting);
  • Realizing this is an independent service professional – a business owner –  providing you with specialized legal support and not an employee (i.e., learning to plan ahead and delegate early rather than waiting until something is needed to request it.  Utilizing a freelance paralegal is a great way to get organized, stay on top of the workload, and minimize last minute emergencies);
  • Realizing you and your existing support staff are no longer alone when you’re overwhelmed (i.e., no longer worrying about how everything’s going to get done because there isn’t enough time for it all.  You have everything you need with just one phone call or email).

Will you notice other differences?  Probably.  There will likely be little differences specific to your own work habits, as there are any time you change how you do things.

What other differences might you expect or have you experienced?  Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below.

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