Auld Lang Syne

Here we are, once again.  Reconciling where we’ve been as we pave the path that lies ahead, held together by that which means the most to us. Before I get all gushy and philosophical, I must first apologize for the delay in posting.  As I wrote my next article, it morphed into a larger-than-anticipated topic.  To conform with Paralegal Support 101’s mission to provide short, quick read articles, the topic necessarily turned into a mini-series, no part of which was wholly complete without the others.  That series is forthcoming. The articles are just another example of time gone by.  Time seems to go by faster every year. And, every year seems to bring more goals and plans that we struggle to achieve.  Before we know it (and before we recover from the holidays), we’ll be commenting on how hard it is to believe that January is over.  Then it will … Continue reading

Virtual support: An attorney’s perspective

I’m sure most of you have heard of Legal Talk Network.  Legal Talk Network has great shows for legal professionals.  So many so that listing just a few would be a disservice to the rest.  If you’re not familiar with the shows that are available, I’ll let you take a look for yourself, so you don’t miss any.  (The best place to get a quick overview of the shows and the topics they cover is actually on the Advertising page.) So why am I talking about Legal Talk Network?  I want to share a specific podcast with you.  This one is from the Legal Toolkit hosted by Jared Correia.  In this podcast, Mr. Correia interviews Chad Burton of Burton Law LLC, a virtual law firm in Dayton, Ohio. The topic: Virtual Staffing: Implementation and Management In this interview, Mr. Burton talks about how to find, implement, and manage virtual staff; … Continue reading

Forget Goals!

Happy New Year!  Again. It doesn’t seem long ago that I was writing a New Year’s post.  I’m not quite sure what happened to 2012, but it sure went by fast.  I had big plans for 2012.  What about you? My goals relied almost exclusively on the launch of a new website that was scheduled to roll out in January, 2012.  However, the project was delayed multiple times throughout the year.  The result was that all my “big plans” for 2012 were never pursued. Well, now I have big plans for 2013.  Yes, I do.  For the most part . . . the same ones from 2012.  Maybe in 2013 they’ll come to fruition.  How about yours? As 2012 was coming to an end, the frustration of being unable to pursue my 2012 goals trumped the importance of launching an amazing new website loaded with information and resources, so instead … Continue reading

Check it out!

Paralegal Support 101 is back!  It’s been a while, yes, but we’ve been here the whole time – busy working behind the scenes, making lots of changes and implementing new ideas to make Paralegal Support 101 a more user-friendly (aka attorney-friendly) resource for finding information on paralegals, the paralegal profession, and paralegal support services. The bulk of the work is done – we have just a few articles to finish recategorizing – so come experience the new look and feel of and let me know what you think.  What do you like?  What don’t you like?  What else would you like to see? Remember, Paralegal Support 101 is for all attorneys – from the solo practitioner to the general counsel – so be sure to tell us about topics specific to your practice that you’d like to read about, too. The redesign and reorganization undertaken to address the growth … Continue reading

What’s in Your Planner?

Happy New Year! I am, once again, amazed at how fast last year flew by. Each year seems to go by faster than the last. For a while, I thought it was just part of getting older, but I know now it’s not because even my kids feel the same way. Our technological evolution and the resulting fast-paced lifestyle and 24/7 flow of information has a lot to do with it. Though I love technology in general, and many of the ways it has made our lives easier, I still wish for the simpler days. This time last year, I had a goal and a plan for 2011 and was already working furiously away at it. It’s good to have a plan. Though my initial plan failed, my overall goal for 2011 was exceeded. Ironic, isn’t it – how a “well-thought out” and executed plan can flop and yet, through … Continue reading

The Year in Review: A Compendium of Favorites

Guess what?  This week is my anniversary!  Actually, it’s Paralegal Support 101’s anniversary.  Hard to believe a year’s gone by already since the blog started. The goal:  To provide attorneys, law firms, corporate legal departments, and governmental agencies with a central repository of information largely sought after, but widely unavailable, on increasing productivity, reducing overhead, improving work-life balance and client satisfaction, and reducing clients’ legal fees through the retention and utilization of freelance legal professionals such as paralegal support services and independent attorneys. To celebrate this occasion, I’ve put together a list of my favorite articles, starting with the very first one.  The first article was my very first post and, after all this time, it remains my favorite.  So much so, that I dedicated it to a page all its own. Welcome! Is Going “Virtual” the Future of Law? Paralegal Support 101: Demystifying Freelance Paralegals and Paralegal Support Services … Continue reading