Paralegal Support: An Index of Information

Want a quick way to know what’s available to you on this site?  Here’s a categorized list of topics that may be of interest.  The list isn’t all-inclusive; it only covers the heart of the matter – the substance of the information for which the site was designed to provide.  It doesn’t include motivational asides or polls for information.

The paralegal profession

  1. The Paralegal Profession: A Brief History for Attorneys
  2. The Paralegal Profession: [Almost] everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask

Paralegal support

  1. Paralegal Do’s and Don’ts: What can (and can’t) a paralegal do for you
  2. What? You don’t have a license to practice as a paralegal?
  3. Ethics Focus: Signing Documents and Pleadings
  4. How Paralegals Increase Value
  5. So What Can A Paralegal Do For You?

Freelance paralegal support services

Nontraditional support

  1. Is Going “Virtual” the Future of Law?
  2. You’re a what? Freelance Paralegals Defined
  3. Thanks, But We’re Not Hiring . . . Freelance Legal Professionals
  4. What to Expect When You Retain Paralegal Support Services or a Freelance Paralegal
  5. Working with a Freelance Paralegal or Paralegal Support Service versus Employee: What’s Different?


  1. Why Would I Need a Freelance Paralegal?
  2. Are There Benefits to Working with a Freelance Paralegal?
  3. Time is on Your Side
  4. 4 Ways Paralegals Increase Client Satisfaction
  5. A Cost-Free Way to Lower Clients’ Legal Fees
  6. Do Your Clients Recommend You?

Getting started

  1. Paralegal Support 101 – Demystifying Freelance Paralegals and Paralegal Support Services for Attorneys
  2. Getting the Support You Need; it’s Easy!
  3. Finding a Freelance Paralegal That’s Right For You
  4. When Working With a Freelance Paralegal Raises Concerns
  5. Paralegal Support Services: 5 Tips for Getting Started
  6. Communication – The key to working successfully with a freelance paralegal (or anyone for that matter)
  7. Don’t Wait ‘Till it’s Too Late

Have more information or topics you’d like to see covered here?  Post a comment, send me an email, or give me a call.  This site is for you.  Let me know what you need or want to know about in relation to the paralegal profession, paralegal support, and/or freelance paralegals and paralegal support services.

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